Vinyl Windows

A vinyl window can be inexpensive, durable and remarkably energy efficient when designed properly to minimize thermal transfer.

While early vinyl windows had problems with thermal expansion and stability in very hot environments, modern vinyl windows are much more durable and dimensionally stable. Look for vinyl window frames with heat-welded joints - they're stiffer than mechanically joined vinyl frames and thus provide better resistance to temperature stresses. Interior webs also strengthen the frame and improve its thermal performance.

Milgard® Product Series

Tuscany® Series | Montecito® Series | Style Line™ Series | Quiet Line™ Series

Aluminum Windows

For years, architects and builders have specified aluminum windows for their overall strength and lasting value.

Because of their rigidity, durability and narrow frames, aluminum windows can be configured into a wide variety of combinations that maximize views.

Milgard® Product Series

Standard Aluminum | Thermally Improved Aluminum

Wood Windows

For years, wood has been readily available window substrate, and the most common choice for homes.

Its advantages were it could either be painted a solid color or stained and sealed to show off the wood grain. Wood also is strong and easy to work with, is a natural insulator and complements many forms of traditional home architecture.

Milgard® Product Series

Essence™ Series

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a frame material known for its strength, durability and performance.

As a building material, fiberglass is nothing new. It's been floating boats and adding strength to ladders for years. But, until recently, the complex profiles required for window designs have been impossible to attain with fiberglass. Innovative window manufacturers like Milgard® have solved these challenges and today you can buy fiberglass windows and patio doors designed to maintain their beauty in every season, in any climate.

Milgard® Product Series

Ultra™ Series | WoodClad™ Series


Let the light pour in from the sky. A skylight is a window in the roof that enables you to look up at blue sky from the comfort of your home. Skylights can bring in a tremendous amount of daylight and are a perfect way to add natural light to a dark room. At night, you can use them to enjoy the stars and catch some moonlight.

In cold climates, skylights can actually help warm a room. In warmer climates, they bring welcome ventilation to an upstairs or attic room.

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