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As a family owned and operated {business|company} in San Bernardino, California, Rondy's Glass Service has been {providing|supplying} {commercial|industrial} glass and residential glass services to {homeowners|property owners} and {businesses|companies} in {city} and throughout the Inland Empire for {over|more than} half a century now. Yes, five decades!

When a {business|company} {thrives|flourishes} for that long, you know {there's|there is} a {good|great} reason for it. The {secret|key} to our success here at Rondy's Glass Services is that we treat each of our {customers|clients} like a {close|good|great} friend or family member. This {equates|corresponds} to the highest level of {honesty|sincerity}, integrity, and customer service {you'll|you will} find anywhere.

If you ask them, any number of our {past|previous} {clients|customers} will {tell|inform} you that our prices are {fair|reasonable} and our {work|jobs} ethic is second to none. Why not find out for yourself, though? Let us {help|assist} you with your {next|upcoming} glass {project|venture} and see firsthand why {we're|we are} one of Southern California's leading {home|residential} and {commercial|industrial} glass companies.

Why Choose Rondy's Glass Services?

{Over|More than} fifty years of experience working in the glass {industry|field} is reason enough to trust us with your {next|upcoming} repair {job|project}, remodel, or home improvement {project|venture}. {It's|It is} {certainly|definitely} not the only reason, however. We have a lot more to offer our {customers|clients} than just notches in our belts.


First-Rate Customer Service

Since our family {business|company} first opened its doors way back in 1962, Rondy's Glass has been {driven|operated} by a customer-centric {philosophy|attitude}. Everything we do here is {designed|tailored} to {provide|supply|give} our valued clientele with the {best|greatest} experience possible, including an {end result|outcome} that meets and exceeds every expectation.

As our {business|company} has grown over the years, {we've|we have} {expanded|widened} our services and hired a staff of trained {professionals|specialists}. These technicians are {taught|educated in} not only the tricks of the trade, but also the {principles|ideals} of {good|great} customer service that our {company|business} has embraced for generations.

As soon as a Rondy's {team|crew} member {shows up|arrives} for the {job|project}, {you'll|you will} immediately know {you're|you are} in {good|great} hands. From the moment {you're|you are} greeted with the utmost courtesy to the {minute|second} you see the final polished deliverable, {you're|you are} {guaranteed|promised} a {positive|excellent} experience working with our contractors.


{Expert|Experienced} Glass Technicians You Can Trust

The {team|crew} here at Rondy's {isn't|is not} just {friendly|polite}, though. We also know a thing or two about glass. Glass is a {delicate|fragile} material, and any {job|project} involving a large {amount|quantity} of glass or heavy glass is best left to the {professionals|specialists}. The {expert|experienced} glass technicians here at Rondy's Glass have undergone {extensive|comprehensive} training in glass handling as well as best practices for window installation, patio door installation, storefront glass, and more.

We also stay on top of the {latest|present|best} trends and advancements in the {industry|field}, so that we can continue to {provide|supply|give} our {customers|clients} with the very {best|greatest} glass services {currently|presently} available. The bottom line? You can trust the experts at Rondy's Glass with your {next|upcoming} glass {job|project}, no matter how {big|large} or small.


The Glass Industry's Very Best Tools and Equipment

Even the {best|greatest} technicians and contractors will falter if they {aren't|are not} provided with the {proper|correct} tools for the {job|project}, though. {That's|That is} never a {problem|concern} here at Rondy's Glass. We outfit each of our {team|crew} members with the {latest|best} glass tools and equipment so that the {job|project} goes off without a hitch each and every time. When you partner with an established glass {company|business} like Rondy's Glass Service, {you'll|you will} never have to {worry|be concerned} about the {hassle|inconvenience} of delays or {mistakes|problems} due to {faulty|malfunctioning} equipment.


Affordable Glass Products and Services for Every Budget

At Rondy's Glass Services, we shatter expectations, not bank accounts. Our prices are {fair|reasonable} and competitive, and {we'll|we will} {provide|give} you with an {honest|straightforward} quote on your {commercial|industrial} or residential glass project.

Plus, unlike other disreputable contractors in our {industry|field}, we {ensure|guarantee} a high-quality result. {We're|We are} able to keep our costs {low|reasonable} because of the relationships {we've|we have} built with suppliers, not because we cut corners or compromise craftsmanship.


Our Full Range of High-Quality Glass Services

At Rondy's Glass Services, we {specialize|are skilled} in all things glass. This includes residential and {commercial|industrial} glass, shower glass enclosures, windows and mirrors, sliding glass doors, wardrobe and patio doors, and more. If {it's|it is} made of glass, it has our name written all over it! We even do custom {work|jobs}.


{Home|Residential} Glass Accents and Solutions {city}

Glass has the power to {transform|enhance} the appearance of a room, making it {appear|seem} larger and more sophisticated. {That's|That is} why glass is such a popular choice for {homeowners|property owners} looking to remodel or update a space. The {fragile|delicate} nature of glass makes it a difficult material to work with unless you have the {proper|correct} training and experience. {It's|It is} definitely not a DIY {job|project}, nor is it a task for the rookies. Luckily, the {professionals|specialists} here at Rondy's glass and window company are ready to {help|assist} you with all of your residential glass needs, including sliding glass doors, custom patio doors, custom wardrobe doors, windows, window installation, and more. We even do custom shower enclosures!


Professional Glass Services for Your {Business|Company} Space

Glass is the modern solution for business renovations. This unique material can add a flair of professionalism to an otherwise {ordinary|plain|simple} space. You can trust Rondy's with all of your {commercial|industrial} glass needs, including curtain walls, storefront glass, large mirrors, glass partitions, and more. We {provide|supply} quick and efficient services for our {commercial|industrial} {clients|customers} so they can get back to business as usual in no time.


Free Estimates on All Glass Services

As part of our wide range of professional services, Rondy's offers free estimates on all of our glass {work|jobs}. This is a no-obligation service we offer to each of our {prospective|potential} {customers|clients} on a complimentary basis. Just call us today to discuss the {details|specifics} of your project, and {we'll|we will} set up an appointment to meet with you as soon as possible. {It's|It is} that easy!

Providing Our Customers The Very Best in Quality & Durability

Rondy's Glass Service is your source for the very best in high quality and professional patio door and window installations. As a family owned and operated business since 1962, we are dedicated to both contractors and homeowners alike. Our window and patio door specialists can help you create the perfect design to compliment any home or space. We also specialize in home shower's, wardrobes, skylights and pet doors, while providing you with the absolute best in quality, service and satisfaction.

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